About Us




Here at Sterling and Wolfe, the goal is always customer satisfaction and achievable excellence. From the beginning of any project to close Jonathan works collaboratively with our clients, to ensure that all of our designs meet expectations. The Owner of Sterling and Wolfe Design, Jonathan Shax started out selling his own artwork at only 13 years old and that began a career in art spanning over a decade. Now, Jonathan uses his training in graphic and web design, as well as his natural artistic talent to guarantee Sterling and Wolfe clients designs they will love, and that will help further their missions and message.


During our initial consultation, you will fill out a short questionnaire, that will better help us to identify what your design needs are. After receiving that information as well as any relevant details, we will create a first draft, which will give you a conceptual idea of what your design will look like. From here, you can make suggestions and have input before the final edits. Upon completion, Sterling and Wolfe will submit the final design to you with all the rights to use as you chose.

Our Graphic Design Process is Three phases:

  •  Initial Consultation
  •  Design Creation
  •  Final product submission


First, we will have an initial consultation in which we discuss the scope of the project and gain a clear understanding of what you, the client, is looking for. Then, we will sketch out a wire-frame and come up with an initial design, so you can have a clear idea of what the finished product will look like. We will start the development of the website after receiving client approval of the proposed design. We will make sure that your website looks aesthetically pleasing and professional on all website browsers and mobile screens. Finally, we will have a consultation and review the finished product and assist you with launching the project.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Sketch a Wire-frame
  • Design a Website Prototype
  • Design the Website
  • Finalize and Launch Website